Photography Jesse Mickle

"My passion in theater is to combine visual elements together with physical theater; the fusion of puppets, materials, movement, voice and the human body. In my work my guideline is to “show it” rather than just “tell it”– this might be one reason why I started exploring beyond pure drama theater in the first place.

I have a broad education with puppet theatre, music and drama, though during the years I’ve somehow managed to get myself mixed also with physical theater and pantomime. This means my works usually don’t strictly follow just one way of making theater, but they combine  elements from whatever suits the current project best. They have varied from children's theatre to adult audiences, from nonverbal theatre to dance and drama. As a musician the exploring of voice, sounds and rhythms is very natural and exciting to me. I’m always happy to throw myself out of my comfort zone and learn something completely new. Challenges keep me moving.


Eventually it always still comes down to just one thing 


– making the best possible play."


Mona Krueger